Extrait de support de cours interactif (ici module "An English child's timetable") utilisé par le professeur et les élèves dans le cadre de tous les cours par visioconférences :

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg English- speaking persons of different nationalities

  • Module 1 "Who are you ?"

Vocabulary :

I, you, she/he, we, they
X is Canadian, English, Scottish, American,

Grammar :

Pronoms personnels
Le verbe BE

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Family members  and family relationships

  • Module 2 "Meeting the O’Brian family"

  • Module 3 "What are they like ?"

Vocabulary :

family members
Physical description

Grammar :

Adjectifs possessifs
Has/have got

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Different types of places

  • Module 4 "Welcome to my house!"

  • Module 5 "Welcome to my town!"

  • Module 6 "Visiting places"

Vocabulary :

Describing : one’s bedroom, one’s home
the place where one lives: town, seaside, mountain, countryside

Grammar :

What’s this ? What’s that ? It’s…+ not
What’s this for ?
There is / are
A, an, Ø
Place adjectifs épithètes & attribut

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Traditional food and drinks

  • Module 7 "I'm hungry!"

  • Module 8 "Let's go to the restaurant"

Vocabulary :

Main dishes,dessert
Meals menu in a restaurant

Grammar :

I, you, we, they
Questions present simple

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg The day of a British child

  • Module 9 "Tom’s daily activities"

  • Module 10 "An English child’s timetable"

Vocabulary :

Daily routine:
at school/at home,
(watch tv…games, subjects, other activities, sports)

Grammar :

never, always, often, sometimes
WHY? ... because
What time?/ When ?
At XX, Every day, On Monday
How many?

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Clothes and uniforms, shopping in GB

  • Module 11 "Get dressed!"

  • Module 12 "Going shopping"

Vocabulary :

Colours and clothes
Prices (expensive,cheap)
She’s got on / she wears
A department store

Grammar :

How much? How many ?
Lots of /few
Like +ING
Too + adj

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg A traditional Christmas

  • Module 13 "Christmas time"

Vocabulary :

Santa Claus
Christmas decorations
A Christmas dinner. Comparing GB and US Christmas desserts

Grammar :

There are people who + Present simple / There’s +SUJET + V-ing…
All / other


Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Emotions and feelings

  • Module 14 "Be happy"

Vocabulary :

I feel , he/she feels…angry, happy, furious ,satisfied, anxious…
Attitudes and reactions.

Grammar :

Really ,very , quite, a little

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Australia

  • Module 15 "Treasure Island"

Vocabulary :

Gold diggers, A nugget
Australian animals and landscapes

Grammar :

Somebody / /something

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Sport :  two popular British ball games

  • Module 16 "Let’s  talk about cricket"

  • Module 17 "Can you play lawn bowling?"

Vocabulary :

ball, bowl
kick, hit, throw,
a  mat, a jack, pads, helmets, bats, wickets

Grammar :

Can / can't

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg A thriller

  • Module 18 "What’s he doing?The mystery"

  • Module 19 "The solution"

Vocabulary :

clues, witness, suspect
Physical description
Gloves, a magnifying glass,..

Grammar :


Webcam-bullet-point.jpg London transport

  • Module 20 "Travelling from Paris to London"

  • Module 21 "Travelling in London"

Vocabulary :

Bus, ferry, taxi cab, tube, slower/quicker,
The London underground

Grammar :

Les comparatifs (supérieur, égal, inférieur)


Webcam-bullet-point.jpg The Thames: from Putney to Hampton Court and Windsor

  • Module 22 "Planning an active holiday"

  • Module 23 "Along the Thames Path to Windsor"

Vocabulary :

Cycle, go by coach, hitchhike, trek ?
Stay at a youth hostel/go camping?
The things you need
Checking on the bikes
Safety rules for cyclists

Grammar :

Let’s..../ could..../ why not...?
Must / Mustn’t
Want to


Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Famous  museums in England

  • Module 24 "At the museum"

  • Module 25 "Let’s visit more museums !"

Vocabulary :

Famous London museums
Antiques, paintings, wax figures,
See, buy, eat, go,
Choose, tell, become, look, meet
Windsor Castle
The Open Air Museum
The Big Pit in Wales

Grammar :

Preterits reguliers + BE et HAVE
Preterits irréguliers

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg A few historical landmarks

  • Module 26 "Lord Nelson, England’s hero"

  • Module 27 "All these famous people"

Vocabulary :

A famous naval battle, the British fleet; sailors, battle ships, guns
Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square
King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table,
William Writers:William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens,
A detective: Sherlock Holmes
An explorer: Ernest Shackleton,
Queen Elisabeth II

Grammar :

Preterits irréguliers


  • Module 28 "An Irish holiday"
  • Module 29 "Speaking of the future"

Vocabulary :

Things to see and things to do

A few facts about Ireland

Holiday plans:

organizing one’s holiday, packing a suitcase

What if  the weather is fine/bad...

Grammar :

Le futur : will/ won’t , going to/ be V-ing


 Scotland and Edinburgh

  • Module 30 "Inquiring about Scotland"
  • Module 31 "Kidnapped in Edinburgh"



Highland Games

Famous people

The Scottish fauna and flora

Walking around Edinburgh

Traditional recipes and clothes

Grammar :

All types of questions

Les noms verbaux


 Telling a story...

  • Module 32 "Perils at sea"
  • Module 33 "A log book"

Grammar :

Le récit

Les temps du passé