Extrait de support de cours interactif (ici module "Let’s count from 6 to 10") utilisé par le professeur et les élèves dans le cadre de tous les cours par visioconférences :


Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Introducing oneself

  • Module 1 "Hello, boys and girls"

Expressions :

What’s your name ?
I am, you are, she/ he is fine !
my/her/his name is ....
Where are you from ?
I’m from....I’m French. Kate’s British. Tom’s Canadian....
This girl is angry/happy/sad
Happy children

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Counting from 1 to 10

  • Module 2 "Let’s count from 1 to 5"

  • Module 3 "Let’s count from 6 to 10"

Expressions :

How many ... ?
There is one snake, There are two cats, three rabbits, four pigs, five monkeys......
What’s your favourite animal ?
My favourite animal is …. (parrot, cow, lion, dolphin,dog)

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg What is Kate like ?

  • Module 4 "Portraits"

Epressions :

My/ his/ her face, eyes, nose, mouth, ear, tooth/teeth, hair ,cheek, lips is/are..
I have got/ Kate has got...... big, round, small, brown, blue, red, white ,short,......

  • Module 5 "From head to toes"

Expressions :

head, arm,shoulder, leg, finger,knee, toe, foot/feet

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg A British family

  • Module 6 "Parents and children"

Expressions :

I’ve got two sisters / one brother
My father’s/ mother’s name is....

  • Module 7 "An elegant family ?"

Expressions :

Kate’s mother is a doctor , her father is a policeman.....
They wear a uniform.
His/her clothes, shoes, tie, shirt, trousers, sweatshirt are.......

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Kate’s birthday party

  • Module 8 "Getting ready for the party"

Expressions :

Kate likes birthday, decorations : ,cups, blowers,balloons, banners,party hats
And she likes birthday gifts : games, kite, doll, teddy bear, roller-skates

  • Module 9 "Let’s celebrate"

Expressions :

Do you like birthday cakes, sweets, cake, orange juice, soda
Yes, I do/ No, I don’t

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg British country homes

  • Module 10 "My cottage"

  • Module 11 "Let"s visite my cottage"

Expressions :

This is my cottage.Is it big/ modern ?
No, it’s small,very small, old......
There is/are, door, window,roof, chimney, garden, ground floor, first floor,
What is this ?
This is the,living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet,
Is the bedroom downstairs ?
No, it is upstairs !

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg An English Christmas

  • Module 12 "Getting ready for Christmas"

Expressions :

There is a beautiful Christmas tree /are nice stockings on the fireplace / decorations / cards / crackers...
There’s roast turkey, and Christmas pudding for dinner

  • Module 13 "What is there in this Christmas sock ?"

Expression :

He/she’s got a nice/ comfortable book, CD,sweater,... /super trainers.... in his/her sock !

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Seasons

  • Module 14 "From winter to spring"

Expressions :

In January, February, March it is cold. There is snow/ rain/wind.
In April, May, June it is sunny, cool,the sun shines. There are flowers and leaves on the trees.
Is it raining / snowing...today ?
Yes, it is /No, the sun is shining

  • Module 15 "Summer and autumn"

Expressions :

In July, August, September, it is warm/ hot,...
But in October, November, December
There ‘s a lot of clouds, it rains a lot.

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Typically British shops

  • Module 16 "Walking down High Street !"

Expressions :

What is this ?
This is a bus, pillar box, ,telephone box

  • Module 17 "Let’s go shopping"

Expressions :

What colour.is... ?
Where do you buy ... ?
At the butcher’s, baker’s ,bookshop, pharmacy, supermarket, 

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Touring Scotland

  • Module 18 "Things you can do and see in Scotland"

  • Module 19 "Postcards from Scotland"

Expressions :

Scotland is in the north of Great-Britain.
The Scottish flag is... 
There are mountains, lakes,forests, trees, waterfalls... and the sea.
I can see sand, a lighthouse, seagulls...
In Scotland I can climb mountains, sail, ski......
Scottish cows and Shetland ponies have got very long hair.

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Everyday life in a big city

  • Module 20 "Life in a big city can be difficult"

  • Module 21 "Weekends in a big city are fun"

Expressions :

There ‘s a lot of cars,bikes, traffic
I go to school by..., I cycle,walk to school
I don’t like big cities.It is noisy, polluted... in a big city.
I like big cities : there are shops, cinemas, swimming pools. I can go to the stadium,playground,

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg A day in London

  • Module 22 "Let’s walk to Big Ben"

Expressions :

Where is the bus/ tube/ taxi station
museum, gallery ?
On the left.,on the right,
turn, go to...
straight on…

  • Module 23 "Let’s go to a museum"

Expressions :

What can you see in this museum. ?
I can see statues/dinosaurs/pictures...

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Leisure time

  • Module 24 "Children’s hobbies"

Expressions :

Can you dance,draw
play the piano ?
Yes, I can/ No, I can’t.
I can play the guitar/ the flute.
I play rugby,tennis,..

  • Module 25 "Come and play with me !"

Expressions :

snakes and ladders are board games.
“Simon says” is fun !
Kate and her friends play hide and seek/ hopscotch in the garden.
Why ?
Because her bedroom is very small
Do you like puzzles ?

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Meals

  • Module 26 "Are you hungry"

Expressions :

What do you have for breakfast/lunch... ?
I have..... milk, tea,water, fruit juice , cereals,bread,butter, marmalade
He/she likes/doesn’t like/prefers eggs, bacon, tomato, chicken, beans, dessert
There’s a sandwich, and an apple in her lunch box...

  • Module 27 "A nice recipe"

Expressions :

I mix flour and sugar, I cook apples in a pan,
I put the crumble and the apples in a cake tin
I bake in the oven

Webcam-bullet-point.jpg At the circus

  • Module 28 "There’s a circus in the square"

Expressions :

I can see a lorry, caravans, a big tent, cages, wild animals......
There’s a parade, the band is playing
There’s a show at 9 tonight.

  • Module 29 "A great show"

Expressions :


A clown is playing music

can be dangerous.
Is the tigertamer scared ?
No, he’s very brave,
The young circus rider is dancing on her horse’s back.


Webcam-bullet-point.jpg Health

  • Module 30 "Hello, Doctor !"


Expressions :


When do you go to the doctor’s ?
When I have a cold, a headache/a tummyache/ a temperature... When I ‘m/ feel tired/sick.
I don’t like injections, I prefer pills !

  • Module 31 "At the dentist"

Expressions :


When I have toothache, I go to the dentist’s.
Are sugar and sweets good for your teeth ?
No, sugar is bad !
When does Kate brush her teeth ?
In the morning and at night.


Webcam-bullet-point.jpg The British and their pets

  • Module 32 "A new baby in the family"


Expressions :


Kate’s got a kitten,
She’s excited,
It is very small cute,lovely
It’ got yellow eyes,....
It’s got a box,a basket with a cushion
What does Kate do in the morning ?
She gives it cat food/feeds it/, takes care of,it

  • Module 33 "Looking for puss"

Expressions :


Do you like, prefer cats/dogs/..... ?
Where is Puss ???Let’s look for it !
Is it in the basket ?
No, maybe it is under / between the... and the.../ in...the chair/ bed/table/ kitchen/ bathroom....