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Traduction de "il y a"


Traduction de "il y a" : correction exercice 1 (niveau A2 - débutant)


There is / there are / there was / there were, there will beetc. Complétez les phrases suivantes avec l'expression appropriée. Portez attention à la forme (affirmative, interrogative, négative) de chacune d'elles.

1. (+) _____________________ a lot of clouds in the sky today.

2. (?) ___________________many immigrants in your country?

3. (-) _____________ not _________ many people at the match tomorrow.

4. _______ there _______________ a bird-flue epidemic, do you think?.(grippe aviaire)

5. (+) _______________ so many people in the store, it was impossible to get in

6. Where's last week's magazine? – I threw it away, _______________ nothing interesting in it.

7. Do you know how many books _______________ in the school library last year?

8. How much money ___________________ in the victim's account before she disappeared?




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