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La grammaire anglaise niveau B2 (indépendant)


Preterit : correction exercice 1
1.    Narration

2.    Bilan (= je ne connais pas l'Australie)

3.    Irréel (souhait)

4.    Narration

5.    Bilan

6.    Narration + répétition/habitude

7.    Narration

8.    Narration

9.    Narration + répétition/habitude

10.    Narration + répétition



Preterit : correction exercice 2

1.    We got up early and set off at runrise.

2.    I have never been to Australia.

  If I had enough money, I would go as soon as next summer.

He went to Australia in 1983 and never came back.

  I haven't been (taken) ill in at least a decade.

  In the old days he came and wished us a Happy New Year every January 1st.
He used to come and wish us a Happy ….
7.    They bought this house when they came here.

8.    When she said "yes", I cried for joy for days (in a row).

9.    When he went out to sea, she cried ceaselessly for days.

        When he went out to sea, she would cry ceaselessly for days.
For she was worried stiff.









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