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Les démonstratifs


Les démonstratifs : correction exercice 1 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)


Traduisez :


1. This is what I have to say. Listen good*! (* façon populaire de dire les choses !)

2. And this is the news. (Les infos vont suivre)

3. And that's the end of the news. (On tourne la page !)

4. What are you doing this summer? (Celui qui vient).

5. Do you remember that winter of 1954?/That 1954 winter?

6. I caught a fish this big! (Il/elle fait un geste des deux mains pour montrer la taille).

7. No one says that any more nowadays / these days.

8. Now, come on, it's not that cold! (= Not as cold as you say)


Les démonstratifs : correction exercice 2 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)


Choisissez quel démonstratif utiliser !

1. Andrew? Yes, I used to know the man.

2. Just listen to that! He really doesn't know what he is saying!

3. Hot? No, it's not that hot! Don't exaggerate.

4. At the/that time, everything was cheaper.

5. Are they the ones who broke the windows?

6. I didn't know you were still married in those days / at the time.





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