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Les noms composés


Les noms composés : exercice 1 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)


Devinez le sens des mots dérivés indiqués entre parenthèses.
Nomsformés avec un préfixe.


1. The (aftermath) of the tsunami was even more dramatic than the tidal wave itself.

2. It had no (antecedent) in the memory of people.

3. An existing word used with a new meaning is called a (neologism).

4. A (postmortem) is a medical examination done to determine the cause of death.

5. (Premonition) is a feeling that something bad is going to happen.

6. His wife is a (multimillionaire).

7. (Binoculars) are used to see objects in the distance.

8. A lie detector is called a (polygraph).

9. A (trimaran) is a fast boat with three hulls.

10. They have finished building the (bypass) around the village.

11. They really made encouraging (inroads) in cancer research.

12. If you lose your balance, you should have your (inner-ear) checked.

13. I live on the (outskirts) of the city.

14. The banker granted me an (overdraft).

15. The plane crashed on landing because of an (undercarriage) problem.

16. The power failure was due to an (overload).

17. I don't like shopping in (supermarkets).

18. (Ultraviolets) cause skin cancer.

19. My father just bought a (minivan).

20. We all lived in a yellow (submarine).

21. An (understatement) is something that makes what you say less important.

22. An (untruth) is a synonym for a lie.

23. His (inexperience) caused him to make many mistakes.

24. When you're sick your body defends itself by producing (antibodies).

25. Shut up! Don't speak (nonsense)!

26. I can't stand this constant (disrespect) for the law.

27. All the rockets were fired without one single (mishap).

28. Who is coming to listen to a (nonentity) like you?

29. The king was a real (autocrat).

30. Cooperation) is necessary in a global economy.


Les noms composés : exercice 2 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)


Devinez le sens des mots dérivés indiqués entres parenthèses.
Nomsformés avec un suffixe.


1. There were a few (droplets) of dew on the grass.

2. You're not going to get away with this, (girlie)!

3. What's a (launderette)? A shop where you pay to wash your clothes.

4. We will build an (addition) next spring.

5. They finally signed a (settlement), and peace was restored.

6. My car is at your entire (disposal).

7. Bus (drivers) must be sober.

8. The (conductor) asked for our tickets.

9. The flight (attendant) was a beautiful blond.

10. This (actor) is a great performer!

10'. This actor is a great (performer)!

11. I don't like (reading).

12. She always gives the brightest (performance).

13. They irritate me beyond (endurance).

14. (Motherhood) suits you.

15. My (kingdom) for a horse!

16. (Childhood) was the best part of my life.

17. I discovered what (happiness) was when I married her.

18. She has a slight (likeness) with her brother.

19. When did you assume (chairmanship) of the company?

20. Mr Brown has a (mistress).

21. A (murderess) is a woman who commits murder.

22. The (Normans) were Vikings, in fact.

23. He's a green (activist).

24. A (physician) is not a physicist!

24'. A physician is not a (physicist)!

25. In China people speak (Chinese).

26. Many (Indians) speak English.

26'. Many Indians speak (English).


Les noms composés : exercice 3 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)


Expliquez la formation des noms composés ou dérivés suivants :


1. coffee cup :

2. desktop computer :

3. armchair :

4. aircraft :

5. aircraft carrier :

6. sunlight :

7. bathroom :

8. underwear :

9. unhappiness :

10. photocopier :

11. computer chip :


Les noms composés : exercice 4 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)


Construisez des noms composés ou dérivés à partir des éléments donnés dans les colonnes A & B. Puis utilisez-les pour compléter les énoncés suivants.



































1. How did you break your leg? – I slipped when I got out of the ______________________.

2. I had lost my _____________________ and didn't have a ________________ either. So I couldn't call anyone!

3. How could she afford studying at Yale? – She got a ____________________.

4. I couldn't believe my eyes: when I got into the apartment she was sitting in the middle of the kitchen in the ____________________ !

5. The ______________________ ended with the arrest of the assassin.

6. How did he die? –Just a stupid accident: he swallowed his ________________________.

7. I stopped at the zebra to let a group of ________________ cross the street.

8. When I saw the amount of my ________________ on my _____________________ I turned blue! Where was I to find £1,000?

9. Do you think children ought to have a personal ______________________?

10. I needed a new pair of pants, so I headed towards the ______________ department.

11. The police could find the culprit thanks to the _________________ she had on her right leg.