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Les auxiliaires modaux

Les auxiliaires modaux : exercice 1 (niveau A2 - débutant)

Dites la même chose en utilisant un modal.


1. His advice was for us to spend a few months in England. .

2. We are wondering whether to tell him the news or not

3. It is difficult for me to believe he spoke the truth.

4. Is it possible for us to take a day off next week, boss, please?

5. My girlfriend refuses to let me read her diary.

6. It is imperative for you to drive more slowly.

7. I had a hard time imagining his future.

8. I had a hard time imagining his future.

9. Their marriage is a sure thing!

10. It is not necessary for you to do the dishes. We have a dish-washer.


Les auxiliaires modaux : exercice 2 (niveau A2 - débutant)

Quel est le bon modal parmi ceux proposés ?


1. It ______ rain tomorrow.

2. You're a good student. I'm sure you ______ succeed.

3. They look very much alike. They ______ be brothers.

4. He never tells a lie. This ______ be the truth.

5. She ______ be so severe with her children.

6. I ______ give you a call. That's a promise.


Les auxiliaires modaux : exercice 3 (niveau A2 - débutant)

Expression : comment allez-vous :


1. conseiller : conseiller à Mary de ne pas se marier si jeune ?

2. prédire : prédire qu'elle le regrettera ?

3. promettre formellement : promettre formellement de n'en parler à personne ?

4. supposer : supposer qu'elle sera peut-être heureuse après tout ?

5. dire que vous êtes sûr : dire que vous êtes sûr(e) qu'elle est folle ?

6. reprocher : reprocher à ceux qui le font de la juger ?

7. exprimer votre certitude : exprimer votre certitude qu'on ne change pas la nature des gens ?

8. interdire : interdire à quelqu'un de se garer là ?

9. estimer que cela pourrait : estimer que cela pourrait être dangereux ?


Les auxiliaires modaux : exercice 4 (niveau A2 - débutant)

Compréhension : quels concepts sont contenus dans chacun des énoncés suivants ?


1. There's a knock at the door. That will be the postman.

2. He can't be that stupid!

3. I won't let him do that.

4. They wouldn't come even if I invited them.

5. May we go out tonight, Mom?

6. No, you may not.

7. Who knows what may happen to you?

8. French people mustn't smoke in cafés now.

9. Mr Brown, please, be reasonable. You must stop smoking.

10. You should mind your own business, doc.

11. The doctor needn't tell me what I have to do.




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