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Les articles indéfinis



Les articles indéfinis : exercice 1 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)


Compléter les énoncés suivants avec la forme de l'article indéfini qui convient : a, an ou Ø.


1. ____ apple ____ day keeps the doctor away (proverb).

2. I take ____ shower once ____ day, sometimes twice.

3. It's raining. Don't go out without ____ umbrella!

4. The woman in ____ red dress over there is my mother

5. She is always in ____ bad mood.

6. Romeo & Juliet, ____ play by William Shakespeare.


Les articles indéfinis : exercice 2 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)


Transformer les énoncés suivants en utilisant les adverbes so, how, too, as selon les cas.
Attention à l'ordre des mots.


1. Bill is a good candidate. Jack is also a good candidate.

2. She mustn't see that film. She is only a young girl!

3. He is very stingy. I'm very surprised, coming from a man like him! (stingy = radin, pingre)

4. He will never make it! He's a lazy boy!

5. Brad is an intelligent child. His sister too!


Les articles indéfinis : exercice 3 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)

Traduire les énoncés suivants.

1. Bill is as good a candidate as Jack (is).

2. She is too young a girl to see that film.

3. I'm surprised at how stingy a man he is.

4. He is so lazy a boy that he will never make it.

5. Brad is as intelligent a child as his sister (is).





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