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Coordination et subordination

Coordination et subordination : exercice 1 (niveau A2 - débutant)

Remplacer les blancs par la conjonction de coordination qui donne un sens à la phrase.


1. Jean … and her brother go to school together.

2. Jean wears a hat … her brother wears a cap.

3. Which do you prefer to play with, Jean … her brother?.

4. I don't like math … I love English.

5. We can go to the theater … to the ice rink, it doesn't matter.

6. My mother … my father are the same age.


Coordination et subordination : exercice 2 (niveau A2 - débutant)


Complétez les énoncés suivant par la conjonction de subordination qui convient.


1. … we saw the clouds, we took our umbrellas.

2. He would not succeed ... he didn't work hard.

3. … he came everything was fine. Now it's a mess!

4. We were all relieved … they left.

5. They will elect him … he is very popular.

6. But … they vote for him he must say what he will do.




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