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Les Articles


Les artcicles : exercice 1


The ou Ø? Choisissez et justifiez !


1. Up until ___ late sixties ___ children in ___ France didn't go to ____ school on ___ Thursdays.

2. Please write ten lines about ___ irony in this passage.

3. ___ life of Oscar Wilde was no bed of ___ roses.

4. Did you get my flowers? –Yes, thanks a mil, I loved ___ yellow roses.

5. ___ yellow roses are my favorite flowers.

6. My grandparents used to go to ___ church every Sunday.

7. They were very severe with me. Whenever I did something wrong, they would send me to ___ church to confess my sins.

8. ___ pandas are an endangered species.

9. ___ Yellowstone volcanoes might cause ___ end of ___ mankind some day.

10. ___ plot develops in ___ 19th century France.

11. ___ music of ___ 18th century is far more superior to what we hear today on ___ radio!

12. ___ shortest month of ___ year is February.

13. When are they coming? –In ___ fall. They hate it here in ___summer. They say it's too hot.

14. I don't like ___ liars.

15. Most French prisoners were sent to ___ Ruhr to work.


Les artcicles : exercice 2

Traduisez les énoncés obtenus.


Les artcicles : exercice 3

Complétez par l'article qui convient.


It had all started on ___ October 22. Six years earlier.

Lloyd Delamotte had got up before ___ dawn, like most days. He was to lecture at ___ teachers' training college, as he did several times ___ month. His head was full of ___ thoughts and ___ worries at that time. First, he had to deal with ___ aggressive IRS inspector whose aim was more to cause him ___ trouble than find anything wrong with his books. ___ audit had been done by ___ IRS after receiving ___ anonymous letter of ___ denunciation written by ___ unidentified colleague. His notoriety and professional success had always caused ___ problems in ___ past with ___ jealous colleagues, but it had never gone this far. Then he had to organize his life so that his ailing wife would not feel so abandoned. This was ___ difficult task due to his regular schedule at ___ high school, ___ lectures at ___ Sorbonne, ___ numerous travels across ___ country to teach, train, and lecture, and ___ work he had started for his publisher. ___ days were full and ___ nights short. But he loved ___ excitement and ___ contact with his various audiences, whether they were ___ older teens, ___ junior college students, ___ university students, ___ young trainees, or ___ older, more experienced teachers. His work life was full, and he loved ___ feeling that he was doing something useful for ___ forward march of ___ education in his country. But his other life, well, he’d rather not think about it just yet.


While shaving that morning, he was looking forward to ___ challenging new day: his role was to make ___ group of trainees aware of ___ problems involved in ___ teaching of ___ English grammar. He had specialized in this subject a few years earlier in his thesis. It was on ___ relationship between ___ semiology of ___ movie pictures and ___ words, phrases, and grammar forms used by ___ characters in ___ selected film scenes. ___ originality of ___ approach had earned him ___ certain form of ___ recognition with his in-the-field colleagues, and in ___ university circles. Now he had discovered that he enjoyed ___ research that so engrossed him, but more than that, it was ___ sharing of what he had found that thrilled him.


As ___ razor blade worked its careful way along his jaw line, he gradually awoke to ___ day's prospects. ___ worries began to erase from his mind, helped by ___ fact that he never listened to ___ radio while washing, shaving or showering. He had given up long ago on ___ world, ___ politics, and ___ media, and he was sick of ___ constant news rehash that all ___ radio stations fed their listeners. He loved ___ quiet moment that he spent in his antiquated bathroom every morning while making himself presentable to his various audiences.




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