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Découvrez le descriptif de nos 33 modules de cours d'anglais développés dans le respect du programme scolaire de CE2.


Extrait de support de cours interactif (ici module "Let's count from 6 to 10") utilisé par le professeur et les élèves dans le cadre de tous les cours par visioconférences :



Introducing oneself

  • Module 1 "Hello, boys and girls"

Expressions :

What’s your name?
I am, you are, she/ he is  fine!
my/her/his name is ....
Where are you from?
I’m from....I’m French. Kate’s British. Tom’s Canadian....
This girl is angry/happy/sad
Happy children


Counting from 1 to 10

  • Module 2 "Let's count from 1 to 5"

  • Module 3 "Let's count from 6 to 10"

Expressions :

How many ...?
There is one snake, There are two cats, three rabbits, four pigs, five monkeys......
What’s your favourite  animal?
My favourite animal is …. (parrot, cow, lion, dolphin,dog)


What is Kate like?

  • Module 4 "Portraits"

Epressions :

My/ his/ her face, eyes, nose, mouth, ear, tooth/teeth, hair ,cheek, lips is/are..
I have got/ Kate has got...... big, round, small, brown, blue, red, white ,short,......

  • Module 5 "From head to toes"

Expressions :

head, arm,shoulder, leg, finger,knee,  toe, foot/feet


A British family

  • Module 6 "Parents and children"

Expressions :

I’ve got two sisters / one brother
My father’s/ mother’s name is....

  • Module 7 "An elegant family?"

Expressions :

Kate’s mother is a doctor , her father is a policeman.....
They wear a uniform.
His/her clothes, shoes, tie, shirt, trousers, sweatshirt are.......


Kate's birthday party

  • Module 8 "Getting ready for the party"

Expressions :

Kate likes birthday, decorations: ,cups, blowers,balloons, banners,party hats
And she likes birthday gifts: games, kite, doll, teddy bear, roller-skates

  • Module 9 "Let's celebrate"

Expressions :

Do you like birthday cakes, sweets, cake, orange juice, soda
Yes, I do/ No, I don’t


British country homes

  • Module 10 "My cottage"

  • Module 11 "Let"s visite my cottage"

Expressions :

This is my cottage.Is it big/ modern?
No, it’s  small,very small,  old......
There is/are, door, window,roof, chimney, garden, ground floor, first floor,
What is this?
This is the,living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet,
Is the bedroom downstairs?
No, it is upstairs!


An English Christmas

  • Module 12 "Getting ready for Christmas"

Expressions :

There is a beautiful Christmas tree /are nice stockings on the fireplace / decorations / cards / crackers...
There’s roast turkey, and Christmas pudding for dinner

  • Module 13 "What is there in this Christmas sock?"

Expression :

He/she’s got a  nice/ comfortable book, CD,sweater,... /super trainers.... in his/her sock!



  • Module 14 "From winter to spring"

Expressions :

In  January, February, March it is cold. There is  snow/ rain/wind.
In April, May, June it is sunny, cool,the sun shines. There are flowers and leaves on the trees.
Is it raining / snowing...today?
Yes, it is /No, the sun is shining

  • Module 15 "Summer and autumn"

Expressions :

In July, August, September, it is warm/ hot,...
But in October, November, December
There ‘s a lot of clouds, it rains a lot.


Typically British shops

  • Module 16 "Walking down High Street!"

Expressions :

What is this?
This is a bus, pillar box, ,telephone box

  • Module 17 "Let's go shopping"

Expressions :

What colour.is...?
Where do you buy ...?
At the butcher’s, baker’s ,bookshop, pharmacy, supermarket, 


Touring Scotland

  • Module 18 "Things you can do and see in Scotland"

  • Module 19 "Postcards from Scotland"

Expressions :

Scotland is in the north of Great-Britain.
The Scottish flag is...   
There are mountains, lakes,forests, trees, waterfalls... and the sea.
I can see sand, a lighthouse, seagulls...
In Scotland I can climb mountains, sail, ski......
Scottish cows and Shetland ponies have got very long hair.


Everyday life in a big city

  • Module 20 "Life in a big city can be difficult"

  • Module 21 "Weekends in a big city are fun"

Expressions :

There ‘s a lot of cars,bikes, traffic
I go to school  by..., I cycle,walk to school
I don’t like big cities.It is noisy, polluted... in a big city.
I like big cities: there are shops, cinemas, swimming pools. I can go to the stadium,playground,


A day in London

  • Module 22 "Let's walk to Big Ben"

Expressions :

Where is the bus/ tube/ taxi station
museum, gallery?
On the left.,on the right,
turn, go to...
straight on…

  • Module 23 "Let's go to a museum"

Expressions :

What can you see in  this museum.?
I can see statues/dinosaurs/pictures...


Leisure time

  • Module 24 "Children's hobbies"

Expressions :

Can you dance,draw
play the piano?
Yes, I can/ No, I can’t.
I can play the guitar/ the flute.
I play rugby,tennis,..

  • Module 25 "Come and play with me!"

Expressions :

snakes and ladders are board games.
“Simon says” is fun!
Kate and her friends play hide and seek/ hopscotch in the garden.
Because her bedroom is very small
Do you like  puzzles?



  • Module 26 "Are you hungry"

Expressions :

What do you have for breakfast/lunch...?
I have..... milk, tea,water, fruit juice , cereals,bread,butter, marmalade
He/she likes/doesn’t like/prefers eggs, bacon, tomato, chicken, beans, dessert
There’s a sandwich, and an apple in her  lunch box...

  • Module 27 "A nice recipe"

Expressions :

I mix flour and sugar, I cook apples in a  pan,
I put the crumble and the apples in a cake tin
I bake in the  oven


At the circus

  • Module 28 "There's a circus in the square"

Expressions :

I can see a lorry, caravans, a big tent, cages, wild animals......
There’s a  parade, the band is playing
There’s a show at 9 tonight.

  • Module 29 "A great show"

Expressions :

A clown is playing music

can be dangerous.
Is the tigertamer scared?
No, he’s very brave,
The young circus rider is dancing on her horse’s back.



  • Module 30 "Hello, Doctor!"


Expressions :

When do you go to the doctor’s ?
When I have a cold, a headache/a tummyache/ a temperature... When I ‘m/ feel tired/sick.
I don’t like injections, I prefer pills!

  • Module 31 "At the dentist"

Expressions :

When I have toothache, I go to the dentist’s.
Are sugar and sweets good for your teeth?
No, sugar is bad!
When does Kate brush her teeth?
In the morning and  at night.


The British and their pets

  • Module 32 "A new baby in the family"


Expressions :

Kate’s got  a  kitten,
She’s  excited,
It is very small cute,lovely
It’ got yellow eyes,....
It’s got a box,a  basket with a cushion
What does Kate do in the morning?
She gives it  cat food/feeds it/, takes care of,it

  • Module 33 "Looking for puss"

Expressions :

Do you like, prefer cats/dogs/.....?
Where is Puss???Let’s look for it!
Is it in the basket?
No, maybe it is under / between the... and the.../ in...the  chair/ bed/table/ kitchen/ bathroom....