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Traduction de "il y a"

Traduction de "il y a" : correction exercice 1 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)

Choisissez l'auxiliaire que vous allez employer avec there + be afin que les phrases aient le sens indiqué.


1. Bilan présent (-) : There haven't been many strikes this year.

2. Bilan passé (+) : There had been so much rain that half the country was flooded. (inondé)

3. Prédiction (+) : There will be a problem at the next meeting if you say that.

4. Conseil (?-) : Shouldn't there be a zebra-crossing in front of that school?

5. Certitude (+) : What a traffic jam! There must be an accident ahead of us.

6. Devoir moral (+) : There ought to be shelters everywhere for the homeless.

7. Incertitude (+) : There might be trouble in the streets if they do not address the issue.

8. Nécessité/certitude (+) : There has to be a reason for such a situation.

9. Incertitude (?) : Would there be fewer jobless people if more people retired?


Traduction de "il y a" : correction exercice 2 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)

Quantité, distance ou temps ? Choisissez la bonne traduction du français "il y a " pour que les énoncés suivants aient un sens.


1. There are too many taxes to pay these days.

2. It was three miles from my home to the factory and we walked the distance every day.

3. He has been sick for many years.(toute durée est acceptable ici)

4. They got divorced twenty years ago, and married again this year.

5. There would be fewer homeless people if more homes were built.

6. Do you think there could be a revolution?

7. There used to be a bridge there. It's disappeared!





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