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Tags et réponses courtes


Tags et réponses courtes : correction exercice 1 (niveau A2 - débutant)

Expression : comment allez-vous réagir pour :


1. Narguer : I never do?

2. Jouer l'étonnement : Don't I?

3. Contester : I do (too)!1 / I always do!

4. Reconnaître : I won't, I know.

5. Jouer l'étonnement : Was I? / I was?

6. Refuser d'admettre : No, I mustn't! (I'm always in a hurry!)

7. Nier une accusation : No, I did NOT!

1. Avec too on a une formulation courante aux USA.


Tags et réponses courtes : correction exercice 2 (niveau A2 - débutant)

Ajoutez les tags nécessaires aux énoncés suivants.


1. Mary loves to go to her grandmother's to spend the holidays, doesn't she?

2. John should stop munching the end of his pencil, shouldn't he?

3. Employers must respect their employees, mustn't they ?

4. Let's eat out tonight, shall we ?

5. He never says "thank you", does he ?

6. They had hardly arrived when it started raining, hadn't they ?

7. French students do not have to wear a uniform, do they ?


Tags et réponses courtes : correction exercice 3 (niveau A2 - débutant)

Expression : dites que vous êtes du même avis ou que vous êtes dans la même situation.


1. Americans do not pay much attention to their diet. Neither do I.

2. I would always lie to my parents over trifles. So would I.

3. I started smoking when I was 16. So did I.

4. My mother could smell it on my clothes. So could mine!

5. The wind was so strong, I was thrown down on the pavement. So was I.

6. I have never been to Australia. Neither have I.

7. I shall speak the truth, all the truth, nothing but the truth. So shall I.




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