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Substituts des modaux 1




Exercice 1


a. No, I mean you are not allowed to do that!


b. I'm not even allowed to smoke a single cigarette.


c. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with something like this.


d. For ten years I couldn't visit my relatives in West-Berlin, and all of a sudden I was allowed to pay them a one day visit on the condition that my children would stay behind. At last long I could hug my long-lost sister in my arms.


e. I wasn't allowed to.


f. I'm afraid that will be impossible. Because of the curfew you are not allowed to be on the streets after 9 p.m. Did you forget?


Exercice 2. Traduisez


1. If you can't / are not able to / show some ID you won't be able to cross the border.


2. May I go out for just a minute, please?


3. Of course you can / may.


4. I know students must wear a uniform in this school, but are we allowed to wear jeans once in our room?


5. After pulling myself up to the top of the wall, I was able to see the game free of charge.


6. Once the person next to us stopped snoring, we were at last able to hear what the actors were saying.


7. You have never been able to stop teasing her, have you?


8. Why are you telling me this? Can't I have a little fun?




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