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Le présent simple

Le présent simple : correction exercice 1 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)

Choisissez la forme (simple ou be +ing) pour compléter les énoncés suivants :


1. Why is he looking so sad? / Why does he look so sad? (au choix, faute de contexte)

2. Someone is knocking at the door. Please go and see who it is.

3. Someone knocks at the door. I get up reluctantly, shuffle to the door, open it and stare at my long lost sister.(narration type roman)

4. And now the President climbs the steps leading to the memorial. (reportage tv ou radio)

5. I wonder (emploi performatif) what he is thinking about?

6. He usually goes to work on foot, but today he is going by car. (opposition entre habitude et ce qui se passé aujourd'hui)

7. President resigns.(titre de presse)


Le présent simple : correction exercice 2 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)

Expression : Jeu de rôle


Vous êtes…

Comment allez-vous…

1. journaliste

Heir to the throne is born.

2. cuisinier

And now I pour the melted butter into the bowl.

3. journaliste TV

And England scores another try!

4. parent inquiet

Please send us a mail when you get home.

5. hôtesse de l'air

Ladies and gentlemen, our plane will take off as soon as the fog lifts.

6. journaliste TV

And now the Queen leaves Buckingham Palace with Prince Philip.

7. dramaturge

The king walks away.

8. policier

I command you to keep your hands up!

9. romancier

I hurry out of the office, jump onto the first bus that goes by and when I get home the house is shaking1 under the noise of heavy metal.

10. journaliste

Beckham yesterday scores winning goal during the game between Arsenal and Liverpool.

1. on reste au présent mais en be+ing pour insister sur l'état de la maison et le choc de l'adulte.





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