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Exprimer la quantité

Exprimer la quantité : correction exercice 1 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)

Traduisez ces énoncés simples.


a. Aussi peu He has as few friends as I have.

b. Autant : I don't have as much free time as you (have).

c. Plus: My wife has more patience than I (have) .

c bis. Plus Children today have more toys than they used to have / than before.

d. moins I'm taking less baggage than you (are).

d bis. moins There are fewer mistakes in your essay than usual today.


Exprimer la quantité : correction exercice 2 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)

Estimation : Trop / Trop peu


1. There were too many people. We went back home.

2. There were too few spectators, the theater closed down.

3. We have too little rain. Nothing is growing / grows .


Exprimer la quantité : correction exercice 3 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)

Accentuation : Très / Vraiment


1. Very few spectators clapped their hands / applauded.

2. They have very little money for holidays.

3. Thanks a lot / Thank you very much.


Exprimer la quantité : correction exercice 4 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)

Exclamation :


1. Si peu (de)
The factory got so few orders that it closed down.

2. Si peu de
We have so little cash flow that we cannot invest.

3. Tant (de)
But the company next door has so many orders that they hired forty persons.

4. Tant (de)
I have too much work to do and too little time to do it.


Exprimer la quantité : correction exercice 5 (niveau B1 - intermédiaire)

Autres indéfinis de quantité :


1. Which jumper would you like? Both!

2. Neither. I like neither of them.

3. Sorry, I don't have enough time.

4. Most French people drink wine.

5. Several of my friends have become math teachers.

6. He goes to work every day by bus.






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